Daniela Bellicoso

Daniela has an MA and PhD in Psychology from the University of Toronto, with a focus on both cognitive and health psychology. She taught various courses on psychology and cognition, learning, and memory at the undergraduate level for over 10 years prior to joining Cornerstone. During her PhD, she completed training on administering psychometric assessments, and has also taken courses on the development and evaluation of psychological measures. Her extensive knowledge of the theories and research on learning and memory led her to be interested in using this information in an applied format. At Cornerstone, as a psychoeducational consultant under the supervision of a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, Daniela applies her theoretical background on learning and memory to conduct assessments to clarify various obstacles to learning and to identify meaningful strategies that will enable her clients to better reach their potential.

Daniela is also a published researcher, and has conducted healthcare research for over 14 years. As part of her research, she has also gained insight into the unique experience of parents who are ill or facing a health concern, and the impact this has on families. She divides her time between Cornerstone, and practicing as a healthcare researcher. She is warm and empathetic, and creates a safe space for clients to feel comfortable in order to draw out the best in them. She brings a strengths-based approach and is keen to understand each client’s individual needs in order to develop strategies for success in their daily lives.

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