Category Contact Information
Academic Coaching and Tutoring 
 EVOKE Learning
 MindPlay Education
 Ruth Rumack’s Learning Space
 Wolff Educational Services
Adaptive Technology 
 Dana Sahian, Speech & Language Pathologist
Advocacy Special Needs 
 Council of Exceptional Children
 Wolff Educational Services
 ADDitude Magazine
 Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance (CADDRA)
 Centre for ADD/ADHD Advocacy, Canada
 EVOKE Learning – ADHD Coaching
 Kevin Greene
 Karen T. Kemp
 Lanni Zinberg-Swartz [email protected]
 Naomi Greenwald (437) 229-6077, [email protected]
 PATH Pediatric and Teen Health
 Anna Prudovski/Turning Point Psychological Services
 Ayana Spivak
 Camille Hadida
 Cyma Gauze (647) 761-7390
 Dana Brommersma (416) 871-3179
 Flex Psychology
 Hayley Fisher-Rochwerg (647) 502-5291
 Janet Marmur
 Jennifer Shneer [email protected]
 Karen T. Kemp
 Kevin Greene
 Lisa Stein Therapy
 Naomi Greenwald (437) 229-6077, [email protected]
Aspergers / Autism 
 Aspergers Society of Ontario
 Autism Awareness
 Autism Ontario
 Autism Research Institute
 Autism Resources Network
 Autism Society of America
 Breakthrough Autism
 Camp AIM/Kayla’s Children Centre
 Child Development Resource Connection Peel (Autism Website)
 Dori Zener
 Geneva Centre for Autism
 Hawkins Institute (416) 402-9564
 iCARE4Autism – International Center for Autism Organization based in Brooklyn NY
 Kerry’s Place
 Kevin Greene
Social Coaching, Parents & IndividualLanni Zinberg-Swartz [email protected]
Parent to parent support, Service navigation, Locating resourcesParent 2 Parent (Lisa Goodman [email protected])
 Ontario Adult Autism Research and Support Network
 The Redpath Centre
 York Region District School Board – Autism Spectrum Disorder Review
Communication Disorders 
 Ontario Association for Families of Children with Communication Disorder
Developmental Assessment (5 years of age and younger) 
 PATH Pediatric and Teen Health
 The Redpath Centre – Dr. Thomas Rhee
Developmental Disabilities 
 Community Networks of Specialized Care
 Developmental Services Ontario Toronto Region (DSO)
 Disability Tax Credit (DTC)
 Disability Verification Form: OSAP
 KidsAbility Centre for Child Development
 Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
 Reena Foundation
 Reena Foundation – Developmental Disabilities Counsellor Program
 T2201 Disability Tax Credit Certificate – Canada Revenue Agency
Dyslexia/Reading Remediation 
Orton Gillingham & Structured Word InquiryDory Goodlin
 International Dyslexia Association, Ontario Branch
Orton GillinghamMandy Goldwasser (416) 568-3056
Orton GillinghamMelanie Martin (647) 283-2574
Emotional Dysregulation/Borderline Personality Disorder 
 Family Connections
Executive Functions Consulting 
 Dana Sahian
Family Mediation 
 Howard Hurwitz – Specializes in working with high conflict families
 Association of Bright Children of Ontario
 York Region District School Board – Gifted Screening Procedure
Governing Bodies 
 The College of Psychologists of Ontario
 The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario
 The Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers
 Lt. Governor of Ontario Website
 Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Learning Disabilities 
 Child Development Institute – Integra Program
 Hawkins Institute (416) 402-956
 Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario
 Learning Disabilities Resource Community
 National Educational Association of Disabled Students
 NLD Networking Group of Ontario
Mental Health Support/Assessments 
 Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
 CONNEX Ontario – Addiction, Mental Health, and Problem Gambling Services
 Flex Psychology
 Liz Waisberg
 The Sashbear Foundation
 Borden Counselling Services
 Karen T. Kemp
 Kevin Greene
 Naomi Greenwald (437) 229-6077, [email protected]
 Turning Point Psychology
 Ontario Association of Children’s Rehabilitation Services
 Bartimaeus Inc.
 CONNEX Ontario – Addiction, Mental Health, and Problem Gambling Services
 Pathways to Education
 Respite Services – Toronto
Social Skills Training/Peer Groups/Specialty Camps 
 Camp Kodiak
 Camp Towhee
 Integra Foundation
 Lanni Zinberg-Swartz [email protected]
Special Needs 
 Special Needs Planning Group
 York Region District School Board – Special Education
 York Region District School Board – Referral Process – Guide for Parents and Students
 York Region – Special Needs Services
Speech & Language 
 Sari Risen (416) 892-5607
 Speech and Company Toronto
 Wendy Gordon (416) 710-3850
Treatment Resources 
6-18; Play Therapy, CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, TraumaAlana Weinberg (647) 559-0256
Anxiety, Depression, RelationshipsAndrea Share (416) 817-0092
CBT, Mindfulness, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, FamilyAnna Prudovski/Turning Point Psychological Services
Art/Dance Therapy, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Transition, Relationships, New CountryAyana Spivak
Anxiety, Pain, Phobias, HabitsCamille Hadida
CBT, Transition, Anxiety, Depression, Couples, ParentingCyma Gauze (647) 761-7390
16+; CBT, DBT, Mood, Anxiety, PTSD, Parenting, TransitionDana Brommersma (416) 871-3179
Play Therapy, Custody, Parenting, Happiness CoachDana Kendal (647) 831-3145
CBT, Mindfulness, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, CouplesEllen Steinberg-Hollend (416) 659-1904
AdoptionEhud Avitzur (416) 845-0055
FamilyGreta Reiss (416) 779-3477
10-24; CBT, DBT, Anxiety, Transition, FamilyJanet Marmur
14 – 60s; Domestic Violence, Trauma, Anxiety, Grief, Loss – Video & Phone onlyJennifer Shneer [email protected]
CBT, Mindfulness, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Relationships, FamilyJoanne Kirzner (416) 937-1218
FamilyLarry Danilewitz (905) 881-9871
Parent to parent support, Service navigation, Locating resourcesLisa Goodman [email protected]
Adults; Mindfulness, Anxiety, Depression, ParentingLisa Stein Therapy
Orton GillinghamMandy Goldwasser (416) 568-3056
5-18; CBT, Play Therapy, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Selective Mutism, Phobias, Chronic Illness, ADHD, ParentingNaomi Greenwald (437) 229-6077, [email protected]
Clinical Investigator – Agent of the Children’s LawyerTamara Genesove (416) 346-1135
Vocational Testing/
Career Counselling/
Educational Planning
 Goodfield, Mor and Associates,
Richmond Hill (905) 773-1425
 Jane Rendely (416) 441-0216
 JVS Toronto
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