Julian DiGiovanni

Julian is currently working at Cornerstone as both a psychometrist and as a psychoeducational consultant under the direct supervision of Melissa Cait (psychologist and Clinic Director). He graduated from York University with a Masters degree in experimental psychology and is looking forward to attaining more graduate training so that he can become licensed himself. The combination of his analytical mind, high standards of practice, strong ethical standards and his passion for working with children and adolescents make him an asset here at the clinic.

Partnered with his academic experience, Julian also has clinical experience working in hospital settings such as CAMH. There, he worked with adolescents who needed alternatives for traditional classroom settings and created individualized curriculums for them so that they could graduate from high school. In addition to this, Julian has assisted in teaching many university-level courses and has become accustomed to aiding students based on their personal learning styles.

Psychological Assessment Toronto
Julian DiGiovanni, Psychoeducational Consultant