Optimism Blog #4 – Virtual Field Trips

So, at this point we're sure you've mastered your nature walk routine and cleaned out almost every kitchen cupboard or closet drawer and any other nook in your living space. Have you also completed every jigsaw puzzle in your home and done enough arts and crafts projects to satisfy you until next year? Us, too.

Don't lose hope just yet! "Help! We've Got Kids" has scouted out and put together a place to access and explore exciting destinations and monuments from the comfort of your home. From your favourite local attractions such as The Toronto Zoo, Canada's Wonderland and National Ballet of Canada to the wondrous -- slightly farther away -- spectacles including Mount Everest, The Great Wall of China and The Louvre, there is now a whole new way to use your electronic devices while keeping your adventurous side stimulated and, hopefully, providing novel forms entertainment.

To experience these spectacles and many more, visit their website here and enjoy!