Optimism Blog #2 – Community Window Scavenger Hunt

Neighbourhoods are coming together - from inside homes!

In several areas across the GTA children are taking their arts and crafts one step further. Instead of hanging masterpieces on the fridge (or losing sight of them somewhere in the house...), they are being showcased in street-facing windows so that friends in the community and anyone walking by can see and enjoy the simple yet uplifting creations.

The idea is that if many of the kids in the neighbourhood take part in this, they can go on walks with their family and try to find them, like a scavenger hunt and feel connected to their friends that they cannot play with right now. This can be spun into different daily themes (e.g. Monday = rainbows, Tuesday = Disney characters, Wednesday = flowers, etc.). Our team agrees this has been a wonderful activity for children to complete at home and then go out, get some fresh air and have fun.

So, keep your eye out on your next safe stroll!